Time Is Flying & So Am I

It takes two to tango

Thank you all for the amazing feedback on my Saba Says. I wasn’t sure how it would be received, so I am overjoyed to have received many messages of encouragement. So here is round two!

Upcoming Travel: This weekend I am heading to Lake Tahoe. I’ll let you guess whether it’s for business or pleasure. Then the following few weeks there’s some more flying. So far on my list is New York, Italy again, and California - SoCal and NoCal. Should be fun! Who knows where I’ll be when I write the next Saba Says.


Three years ago when I was living in Boston, I didn’t know a thing about Colorado. Five years ago I was in Melbourne Australia - I didn’t even know Colorado existed. Today, I have been proudly living here for a year here and boy I am happy. I truly think it’s America’s hidden gem…. or maybe I've just been living under a rock. Hence, today’s Go Explore is Colorado. Here are my favorite parts of this wonderful place:

  • Colorado gets 300+ days of sunshine per year, which is second only to California. So, if you get SAD like me in winter, this is the place to be. It’s crazy to me how it could be bright and sunny as ever, yet snowing. Simply stunning.

  • Denver Startup Week is the biggest of its kind in the world. If you’re a founder, you have to come experience this event at least once in your life! It’s electrifying.

  • Although I read somewhere that Boulder is now one of the most expensive cities to live in the U.S (mostly because of it’s small size), Denver truly has me living my best life where the cost of living is about half of Boston!

  • Sadly though, coffees are still about $3-4, whereas in Torino my jaw dropped when I bought four coffees for about €5.

If you haven’t been, come on down to the mile-high city. I’d be happy to show you around.


In case you don’t know this already, I am on the founding team of Orai, (Yep, we just bought the four-letter domain). Orai is a Menlo, Comcast, and Techstars-backed startup that helps you become a better public speaker, through AI-powered feedback. So needless to say, Orai will always be my favorite startup, and therefore todays startup recommendation. Download it for iOS or Android and tell me what you think!


  • Play Bigger, by Al Ramadan: This is all about product and marketing, or more accurately “category design”. In todays world you can’t just launch a kickass product, you have to become category king. The last two chapters are a little repetitive, but everything will inspire you and change your perspective.

  • Angel, by Jason Calacanis: The ultimate book if you want to become a startup investor. I hesitated to share this because it’s that damn good. But sharing is caring right?


We just opened applications for 15 more accelerators this week, which makes it a total of 17. This includes two brand new ones: Techstars Smart Mobility in Torino, Italy (Yep, that’s what I was working on there), and Techstars Hub71 in Abu Dhabi.

If you are, or know a founder, interested in either of these or any of the other 15 accelerators with apps open on techstars.com/apply, please use this link so we can get connected: https://accelerate.techstars.com/refer-a-startup.


Can I take another second to again say how freaking awesome ya’ll are? I was so shocked to receive so many Rose replies in my inbox! Hell yeah - let’s do it again!

  • Bloom - something I’m proud of: I’ve been waking up before my alarm clock these days. I love that. There’s nothing like getting up peacefully and having consistency in your life.

  • Thorn - something I’m struggling with: I’ve been told I work too much. ie. on weekends and weeknights. Although I love every minute, I get that it can be a little “unhealthy”. So, I’m trying to not check my email so often. Got any hacks that have worked for you?

  • Bud - something I’m looking forward to: This ones super nerdy. I love designer workspaces, inspired by Instagram feeds like iSetups, WorkHardAnywhere and services like Bespoke Post. Hence, I am really looking forward to putting the final touches on my desk at work.

And another bonus question for you if you really want to entertain me. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

That’s all folks. Looking forward to seeing your replies.