The Quick Brown...Ask

And some statistics for those who are curious.

What’s up everyone! Just a quick email with an Ask, and some Stats on how Saba Says is going… because you know, authenticity is key in building relationships ☺️


I would sincerely love if you could forward this email to just ONE person that you think would get value out of them. Here’s what they will want to know:

Who Am I?

Saba Karim. Aussie raised Founder / Marketer, now sourcing startups globally for Techstars. Click here for full summary.

What is Saba Says?

A monthly update that gets delivered to your inbox about entrepreneurship, travel, book recommendations, all things Techstars, and educational content - for founders and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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  • Saba Says currently has 208 subscribers. Can we get it to 300 before the next update on January 1st?

  • Having started this on my 33rd birthday this year on May 25th, I have written 6 updates to date.

  • The average open rate is 61%, and click-through rate is 32%

  • The most viewed update is the Back to School Special.

What does this all mean? Not sure. All I know is that I am having fun. So I hope you are enjoying these too. I’m open to suggestions on content you’d love to see!

If it’s not interesting to you at all – you can totally unsubscribe. No hard feelings, I promise.


P.S. Remember how I said I had a goal of reading 48 books this year? How many do you think I’ll end up reading by December 31st. Hit reply and give me your best guess!